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Justice for the

Anonymity for Accusers but not for Accused – Is it Fair?

Lady Lavinia Nourse, the widow of the late Sir Martin Nourse, an eminent judge, was cleared in May of all 17 counts of Historic Sexual Abuse (HSA) for alleged events in the 1980s. This week, she was interviewed on Woman’s Hour by presenter Emma Barnett, and, in a clearly highly emotional account of her experiences, told how the trauma had left her life in pieces.  She also wanted to highlight what she perceives as a great deal of unfairness towards the accused and bias towards the complainants in terms of publicity. While her name and those of other people accused …

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The False Allegations Scam

“Where there’s money, there are scammers” Let us take a couple of examples. Coronavirus There are warnings currently being issued about Covid-19 vaccine scams. Whether you think the whole thing is an international conspiracy or that Covid-19 is, in fact, a highly contagious, highly dangerous and in many cases, deadly disease, nobody needs me to explain the catastrophic effect this coronavirus has had on so many people around the world, whether on physical health, mental health, business, education or whatever. The sooner we can control it and return to some semblance of normality, the better for everyone and, at present, …

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Covid-19: Why early release of prisoners is essential

Averting disaster in UK prisons We are living in interesting times. The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic is an extraordinary situation and calls for extraordinary measures if we are to avoid catastrophic loss of life. Those societies who have succeeded best at limiting the effects of the Coronavirus are those which have acted ahead of the curve – proactively, not reactively. The UK’s prisons are a ticking timebomb for such a disaster. Staff numbers are being reduced, while numbers of inmates are rising.  While the rest of us are being told to keep our distance from other people, prisons are becoming even …

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What kind of justice system do we want?

British journalist, Matthew Syed, wrote a very interesting book which I can highly recommend. It’s called ‘Black Box Thinking’ and begins with a comparison in how failures are treated in the British medical profession and the air travel industry. In looking at 2 comparable tragic incidents the former, unfortunately, tried to gloss over the errors while in the latter there was an open investigation which led to improvements in the way similar situations would be handled in the future. Perhaps it was thought that admitting that experienced surgeons could make such tragic mistakes would damage confidence in the medical profession.  …

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The Court of Appeal – Furthering Injustice

Of all the iniquitous aspects of the British justice system in 2019, arguably the part most in  need of urgent reform is the system of appeal. [Admittedly, there is no shortage of serious contenders]. While you could argue, with some validity, that the treatment  of suspects by the police, particularly those accused of sexual offences, or the charging of suspects by the CPS without sufficient genuine evidence, are areas where more people people would be affected, being earlier in the process, my vote goes to the Court of Appeal because it affects the people who have been let down by …

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Has the Sex Offence pendulum swung too far?

In the 1980s, a woman was sexually assaulted – an attempted rape. She was shocked, traumatised and took steps to try to ensure that she would not see the person ever again. But she did not go to the Police. Why not? There were, in fact, a number of reasons, but one was that the Police had a very bad reputation concerning the way that women who reported such things were treated by them. The perception was not only that they were ‘disbelieved’ (make a note of that word – it’s important later on), but that there would be little, …

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FAIR and the campaign for Anonymity

he recent launch of FAIR – Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform – stimulated a debate with passionate views on both sides. FAIR was created by Daniel Janner QC, son of the late Lord Janner who was falsely accused of sexual crimes, and has the aim of changing the law to prevent the publication of the identity of people accused of sex offences until charged. FAIR’s campaign is to have the law changed so that those accused of sexual crimes were given anonymity until they are charged by the Police. At present, while complainants claiming to be victims of alleged sexual …

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The 2 Most Important Principles of a Just Legal System

The justice system in England and Wales has been severely let down for several decades and is no longer the beacon for a just legal system.
In particular, the removal of safeguards for the protection of innocent people from unfair prosecution and wrongful conviction has led to many miscarriages of justice.
Here we examine what is needed to correct that situation.

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